Educational Work

The department carries out educational training of specialists in the specialties "Pharmacy" of full-time, correspondence forms of study (in Ukrainian, Russian, English) and conducts distance learning in the course of medical and pharmaceutical commodity research for nurses-bachelors and nurses-masters.

At the Department of pharmacy management, economics and technology, students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty of 1-5 courses study the following disciplines:

  • the history of pharmacy
  • pharmacy drug technology
  • organization and economics of pharmacy
  • management and marketing in pharmacy
  • technology of medicines for industrial production
  • technology of perfumery and cosmetics
  • medical and pharmaceutical commodities
  • pharmacoeconomics
  • biopharmacy
  • the latest technology in pharmacy
  • good practices in pharmacy
  • patenting

The department carries out the organization and management of educational and production practices: propaedeutic practices in the organization and economics of pharmacy, industrial practices in pharmacy technology of medicines, industrial practices in industrial technology of medicines, industrial practices in the organization and economics of pharmacy, manufacturing practices in management and marketing in pharmacy, practice in specialization, diploma and master's degree work.

The staff of the department constantly improve their professional level, pass the courses of pedagogical skills and improve the level of proficiency in foreign languages.

The staff of the department is constantly working on the improvement of teaching and methodological work, in particular on the introduction of a new system of training in accordance with the "Concept of development of Ternopil State Medical UniversityI.Y.Gorbachevsky (integration into the world medical space)".