History of the Department

The history of the department comes back to January, 2002. There was founded Pharmaceutical Faculty and was created the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines (includes disciplines: pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology of drug, analytical chemistry, metrology).

Since 2002 prof., DPhSc Groshovyi T.A. has been taking the position of Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Since September 2002, the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines had the following staff: ass.prof., CPhSc Sokolova L.V. ( from the National University of Pharmacy, Kharkov), as.Beley N.M. (from National University Lviv Polytechnic), as. Vasenda M.M. (from National University Lviv Polytechnic), ass. Znayevska A.V. ( from Lviv National Medical University named D. Galickiy), as. Korobko N.V. (pharmacist from Zaporizhzhia), as. Leleka M.V., as. Markiv H.V., as. Kozyr G.R, as. Prokop I.V., as. Bobyk I.M., as. Aheyenko, as. Goncharuk N.V., as. Onyshkiv O.I. (pharmacists from Ternopil) and as. Stetsyuk S.S. (young pharmaceutical specialist).

A significant contribution to the establishment of the Department made leaders of Ternopyl pharmacies: Bratun P.V. (pharmacy № 126), Gonchar V. (pharmacy № 78), Kvasnytsky G.M. (pharmacy № 134), Susla I.V. (pharmaceutical community). They were shared perennial professional skills and practical experience in teaching disciplines of organization and economy of pharmacy.

Since 2005 graduates of pharmaceutical faculty of Ternopil State Medical University by I. Horbachevskyi was invited to work at the Department (Kozhedub I.O., Barna O.M., Voit O.I., Tryhubchak O.V., Demchuk M.B., Kalushka O.B.). At that time, as. I.P. Moseychuk transferred from the Department of Pharmacology of Clinical Pharmacy to our Department for teaching Pharmacoeconomics.

From 2005 to 2013 the teaching pharmacy LLC "Era-Terre" was organized in the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines. Students (of 3-5 year) of pharmaceutical faculty could studied practical skills and passed propedeutic and productive practices there.

Teaching Pharmacy LLC "Era-Terre"

Since 2011, young specialists joined to the staff of the Department: as. Denis A. I., as., CPhSc Pokotylo O.O. (from Zaporizhzhia State Medical University), as. V.V. Pidgirny (pharmacist with many years experience) and graduates of our faculty Papish G.M., Ravliv Y.A., Martynyuk I.V., Kozachok N.A., Lazorko R.B., Plaskonis Y.Y., Berdey I.I..

The staff of the Course of Pharmaceutical Disciplines (2011)

The staff of the Course of Drug Technology (2012)

In July, 2012 the Department was divided into the Department of Management and Economy of Pharmacy (Head – DPhSc, prof. Groshovyi T.A.) and the Department of Drug Technology (Head - Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, DPhS, ass.prof. Sokolova L.V.).

In January, 2014 the Department was reorganizated and re-united in the Department of Management and Economy of Pharmacy with Drug Technology. Since 2014 to present time the head of the Department is DPhSc, pofessor Groshovyi T.A.

Since 2014, ass. Darzuli N.P. (graduates of our University) had been working at the Department.

Since 2015, ass. Stojko L.I. (graduates of our University) and senior laborant Dub A.I. had been working at the Department.

Students of Pharmaceutical Faculty study and master on the Department of Management and Economy of Pharmacy with Drug Technology the following disciplines: history of medicine and pharmacy, organization and economics, management and marketing in pharmacy, pharmacoeconomy, patented, medical and pharmaceutical commodity, pharmaceutical drugs technology, industrial drugs technology, biopharmacy, technology of cosmetics product and others.

Material resources for teaching process were formed since the creation of Department (2002) and continues dynamically develop. Each auditory is equipped with basic technological equipment, chemical utensils and reagents necessary for education.

Teachers of the Department of Pharmacy Management, Economics and Technology are curators of student groups that attend cultural events, conduct conversations corresponding direction and participate in thematic evenings that organized in the University.


Course of Management and Economy of Pharmacy:

46000, Ternopil, st. Ruska 36,

tel.: (0352) 52-72-22

Course of Drug Technology:

46000, Ternopil, st. Gluboka, 19A,

tel.: (0352) 24-53-80