The scientific work

The scientific work of the Department of Pharmacy Management, Economics and Technology within the framework of the inter-departmental theme "Marketing, pharmacoeconomic and technological research on the development of medicinal products" is carried out, the leader PhD, prof. Hroshovyi T.A. Implementation period 2015-2019.

All teachers of the department are actively engaged in scientific research and perform fragments of scientific work.

Directions of scientific researches:

· research of the organization of the pharmaceutical business, medical provision of the population and health-care institutions

· marketing research of medicines of various pharmacotherapeutic groups, medical products, nutritional supplements , cosmetics

· pharmacoeconomic research

· design of the experiment

· research of physico-chemical, pharmaco-technological properties of phyto-substrates and medicinal substances, their mixtures with auxiliary substances

· development of the composition and technology of plant extracts

· technological, structural and mechanical research of soft medical and cosmetic products (ointments, creams, gels)

· development of the composition, technology and research of freeze-dried powders

· development of composition and technology of tablets (plant, animal and synthetic origin)

· study the influence of factors on the shell coating tablets

· biopharmaceutical research of medical forms

· determination of toxicity and determination of pharmacological activity of medicinal forms.

The main scientific achievements of the department

In 2003-2006, the department worked on the research topic of the Pharmaceutical Faculty "Search, Creation, Standardization, Pharmacoeconomics of Drugs and Biologically Active Supplements of Different Pharmacotherapeutic Groups" (State registration number 0103U001555), the leader PhD, prof. Hroshovyi T.A., responsible executor -the candidate PhD Mikhalkiv M.M.

The active substances of ointments have a good degree of penetration, and therefore will ensure the completeness and speed of pharmacological action, and ointments with the addition of essential oils have a pronounced prolongation of action have found by biopharmaceutical researches. The stability of aronia extracts has been established during 2 years of storage.

Inter-departmental research work of the Pharmaceutical Faculty "Search, organizational -technological and pharmacoeconomic studies and standardization of medicines and biologically active additives of various pharmacotherapeutic groups" fulfilled during 2007-2010 (State registration number 0107U004463), the leader PhD, prof. Hroshovyi T.A., responsible executor -Trigubchak O.V.

Conducted marketing research of drugs for the treatment of cataracts, stomach ulcer, diabetes mellitus as a result of the work of the department staff. The influence of nature and quantities of about 50 auxiliary substances on the pharmacological and technological properties of tablets has been studied. Scientifically grounded and suggested 12 new dosage forms (tablets, capsules, powder, granules, ointment, tincture): the composition and technology of tablets (from the leaves of poplar, aspen, acetylsalicylic acid, magnesium asparahinatu, calcium citrate and lecithin extract of Echinacea, zinc asparahinatu and ascorbic acid, and Thiotriazoline famotidine), established drug from Aronia lyophilized powder, lyophilized powder granules fruits Aronia, nasal ointment based on vegetable tinctures and essential oils "Rynistop", tincture from Mulberry leaves. Standardization of complex medicines has been carried out. Biopharmaceutical and biological researches of the developed medical products are carried out.

The monograph "Mathematical domination of the experiment in scientific research in pharmacy" was published by the teachers of the course of organization and economics of pharmacy in 2008.

We received 12 patents, 4 newsletters. 108 journal articles and 159 abstracts were published in periodical scientific journals. According to the results of the research, 38 acts of implementation were received.

The eight thesis for the Candidate's Degree was defended by the staff of the department of pharmaceutical disciplines during the period from 2007 to 2011.

The department staff worked on inter-departmental research work of pharmacy faculty "Pharmacoeconomic substantiation of the creation, receipt, development of substances of medicinal substances and medicinal products on the basis of products of chemical synthesis and biologically active substances of plant origin, their standardization and pharmacological studying "(state registration number 0111U003756 the leader PhD, prof. Hroshovyi T.A., responsible executor -Trigubchak O.V. in the period from 2011 till 2014.

The staff of the department developed criteria for assessing the quality of service, calculating the integral coefficients for pharmacies during the research work. High costs were incurred in the presence of influenza patients in intensive care units compared to expenditures for providing primary care, which indicates the need for a program to prevent influenza vaccination in Ukraine to reduce the cost of treatment for influenza.

Complex researches were conducted on the analysis of the pharmaceutical market of medicines and biologically active additives of various pharmacotherapeutic groups, and the pharmacoeconomic analysis was carried out. The pharmacological and technological properties of auxiliary substances in the manufacture of tablets, granules, emulsion creams, hydrophilic gel, phytoextracts, suspensions, tinctures and their biopharmaceutical properties have been studied, biological studies have been carried out.

The teachers of the technology of medicine course in co-authorship with scientists from other universities were issued a monograph, recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, edited by the Associate professor. Sokolova L.V. «Anti-aging: phytotherapy against aging», manuals «Theory and practice of sublimation drying», «The theory and practice of extraction in the pharmaceutical and food industry» in 2011-2012.

22 patents of Ukraine and 1 patent for the invention of the Russian Federation were obtained. 327 scientific works (141 scientific articles in professional journals and 186 theses (including 22 abroad) were published on the theme of the scientific work.

The scientific results of the work were introduced into the educational process of the departments of the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, Zaporozhye State Medical University, National University of Pharmacy, I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University - 26 acts of implementation.

According to the research results, 1 doctoral and 5 thesis for the Candidate's Degree were defended at the department.

Student scientific work

The scientific club combines students of the 4-5 courses of the pharmaceutical faculty. Participants conduct scientific research and report on student conferences of the university. The final step in the work of students scientific club is to write and defend diploma thesis.

Main directions of work of the scientific club:

- research of the organization of the pharmaceutical business, medical provision of the population and treatment and prevention institutions

- studying the pharmaceutical market of medicines, nutritional supplements and medical products

- pharmacoeconomic research

- pharmacological and technological studies of tablets

- technology of manufacturing medicinal forms from medicinal plant raw materials

- Creation of cosmetic products.

The course of management and economics of pharmacy has created a scientific club "School of a Young Manager". Classes are held with students, excursions to JSC «Halychpharm», JSC FF «Darnitsa», JSC «Farmak», Arterium Corporation are organized.

Every year, students take an active part in the International congresses of students and young scientists, which take place at the I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, publishes scientific works on the topic of their research in professional editions and collections of abstracts. The results of research in diploma projects are made.

Student's scientific work is carried out in accordance with the plan of scientific works of the scientific club on the course of technology of medicine. Scientific works performed by students are compatible with the themes of the scientific work of the course. Students work on the creation of medicinal and cosmetic products, conduct research on the development of new soft bases, study the technological characteristics of various substances and preparations on their basis under the direction of the course teachers. Research results are submitted for publication in the scientific editions of the leading universities of Ukraine. The final boundary of student work is the defense of the thesis.

Successfully defended 85 diploma works during the period of the department's work. The participants of the club pour their scientific growth into master's and candidate's works.