Educational Activities

Educational work is an important component of the educational process of the Department of pharmacy management, economics and technology. According to the plan of educational measures 2017-2018, the curatorial groups have monthly:

· hours of mutual information exchange;

· analysis of students' progress in academic disciplines;

· discussion of the problems of adaptation to the educational process and the rational organization of independent students work of the first year;

conversations of an educational character concerning the general political, legal, intellectual, social-psychological, aesthetic, physical and valeological culture.

Since the beginning of the new 2017-2018 school year, the teachers of the department together with the curator groups have visited the dungeons of the Ternopil castle, which is one of the "highlights of the city" and stretches in different parts of the historical center of Ternopil and are interconnected.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, the teachers of the department together with the curator groups:

held educational talks on the socio-economic and political situation in Ukraine;

attended the drama theater in the city of Ternopil

took part in a charity fair held in October 2016 in the lobby of the pharmaceutical corps aimed at helping a seriously ill student of the 3rd year student at the Faculty of Dentistry.

took an active part in organizing and conducting a concert on the Day of the Pharmaceutical Faculty. The faculty was represented by students of 3 curatorial groups, a special highlight of the event - a presentation by foreign students of the first year who sang a song by Tina Karol "Ukraine is Me".

took part in the creative evening on the anniversary of Taras Shevchenko's birthday

took part in the 5th anniversary "Scientific Picnics", which took place on May 21 at the Theater Square, where lecturers of the technology course of medicine of the Department of pharmacy management, economics and technology demonstrated the technological processes of obtaining such dosage forms as suppositories and gels, as well as the progressive manufacture of cosmetic cute.

The good tradition was that each year the head of the department, prof. Hroshovyi T. A. organizes trips to pharmaceutical companies. In particular, in 2012, students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty together with the lecturers of the department visited the Pharmaceutical Company "Darnitsa" in Kyiv.

In 2013, the staff of the department with curator groups went to "City of Lion", where they visited the pharmaceutical company "3І" and "Halychpharm" Corporation Arterium.

In 2014, during the educational process, a trip to Farmak and the 24th International Healthcare Exhibition took place.

October 22, 2015, the head of the department, prof. Hroshovyi T. A. also organized for the faculty, students of curatorial groups of the 4th year, graduates and masters the escort in Kyiv on the production capacity of "Kyivmedpreparat" Corporation Arterium and "Farmak" - the leaders among the domestic producers of medicinal products .

Also, within the framework of the organized trip, students with curators visited the VI International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry PHARMATechExpo, which was held at the KievExpoPlaza Center, which was attended by leading European companies and domestic manufacturers of goods and services for the pharmaceutical industry.

On February 29, 2016, an event devoted to the 145th anniversary of the birthday of the famous poetess, Lesya Ukrainka's genius of Ukrainian literature, was held at the department of pharmacy management, economics and technology. The celebration took place in the auditorium of the department located on the street. Ruska 36

In the preparation of the thematic evening, not only faculty members but also students of curatorial groups took an active part. The audience was offered a review of the film about the life and creative way of Lesya Ukrainka. For a better understanding of the contribution of the poet to the literary heritage of Ukraine, foreign students also submitted information in English. Meanwhile, the participants of the event recited verses of poetry from different periods of her creativity. In conclusion, an interesting quiz was held for students. The teachers of the department noted the most memorable gifts of the participants of the thematic evening and treated all those present with traditional Ukrainian donuts.